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When you need to illustrate ideas, change minds, tell stories, in an unique quality and way,
we bring the creative.



From creative brainstorming through powerful post-production, our streamlined progress ensure that our clients and partners receive an effortless, unique experience each and every time, in the next level of filmmaking: Cinematic Virtual Reality.

The goal of cinematic storytelling has always been empathy; to move the viewer as close as possible to the story. First, we used moving pictures, then color and sound, 3D, CGI, and animation. Now filmmakers are looking towards virtual reality as a new way to further immerse an audience. With this technology, the viewer moves beyond the screen to become a participant in the story itself. 


Featured Work
Combination is the key.

Dream Film Pictures LTD is a full-service, independent production company based in Sofia Bulgaria focused on creating digital media for a variety of project types.

We can help you develop a strategy for your production or product to enter new markets and get you the exposure you need. We specialize in tailoring our services to create personal storytelling that communicates your values and mission through visually compelling narratives. Whether you're interested in full movie production services or a short promotional video, we offer a flexible workflow to bring your project to market quickly and within budget. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients and understanding their needs. As award-winning industry professionals, we know what's involved to have a successful production specialized in in Virtual Reality.

We combine cinematic art work with virtual reality. 

Contact us today to get your production

to the next higher level.


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